Important Announcement for All SMS Users on 8x8

Critical changes are taking place regarding 8x8's SMS/MMS messaging service via Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile applications in the US and Canada.

In order to control spam messages, U.S. wireless service providers now require that all SMS/MMS messages be managed as application-to-person (A2P) messages if they (1) originate from a business and (2) terminate to the U.S. wireless service providers’ subscribers. To accommodate this change, 8x8 has announced the availability of a new Admin Console workflow which enables the one-time self-registration to The Campaign Registry, which is required for all customers using the 8x8 SMS service in US and Canada.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for registering in the Admin Console.

This new workflow provides a quick and easy way for customers, or partners on behalf of their customers, to complete the SMS service registration as required by U.S. wireless carriers, and in line with the industry requirements set out in the CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices. A one-time registration fee of $119 USD will show up as a billing adjustment for each customer account whose registration is completed within Admin Console. 

We urge all 8x8 customers using the SMS functionality to register before March 15, 2023Effective March 31, 2023, all unregistered SMS traffic will be blocked by the underlying SMS carrier. IMPORTANT: Campaign verification may take up to a week after submission, as the underlying carrier will review your submission and approve it manually. Once the campaign is approved, you will be able to assign phone numbers to the campaigns.


Please refer to the following support articles to complete the registration process.

SMS Campaign Registration: Admin Console Configuration

SMS Campaign Registration: How to assign an SMS Campaign to a phone number

Below is step by step instructions on how to fill out the registration info.

What is the change?

U.S. wireless carriers now classify SMS/MMS messages sent from any business application to a U.S. mobile subscriber as application-to-person (A2P) messages. This will also include one-to-one conversational messages supported by your 8x8 service, previously viewed as person-to-person. To continue sending SMS/MMS using 8x8 Work without risking non-delivery, the company business entity must be registered in The Campaign Registry. For more information, refer to the support article: 10 DLC SMS Campaign Registration and Impact.

Instant Messaging (IM) vs SMS

8x8 Work has a built-in instant messaging (IM) feature designed to allow users of 8x8 Work on the same 8x8 service to chat directly with each other. Even though this IM feature uses the same Messages interface as SMS messages do in 8x8 Work, IM is not SMS. If you use IM internal to your company and do not send any SMS messages to any mobile phone subscribers, SMS campaign registration is not required in your case.

Need Help?

Please email or call 877-Vertical Option 4 for Customer Service if you need assistance with the registration or you do not have access to the admin console.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click on the new SMS button on the Application page of Admin Console.

  1. Fill out your company information.

  1. Once you hit Save, the system will verify your information and you will get a Success message.

  1. In the next section, fill out Your Campaign.
    Here is a basic example of how to fill it out. There is more info on each section by clicking on the Info button. PLEASE NOTE: Campaign Description must be 40 characters or more.

  1. Once done, you will see a Pending status­. This status will remain until the Carrier approves your registration. This may take up to one week.

  1. Once approved, you can enable SMS texting by assigning your SMS phone numbers to the “Campaign".