8x8 Feature Highlights - Spring 2023

Contact Center

8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant - 8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant (ICA) is a powerful, user-friendly, conversational AI solution that enables businesses to create automated self-service and support experiences across channels. Customers can build highly-scalable, consistent, and always-available experiences across multiple regions and languages. ICA provides tremendous value to contact center operations and improves customer experiences by offering the following:

  • Increased first contact resolution (FCR) with end-to-end automation
  • Reduced agent workload with ICA handling routine tasks
  • Personalized customer interactions with pre-built integrations
  • Optimized decision-making with advanced analytics for managers

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Agent Workspace Dashboard - The new dashboard within Agent Workspace provides a single view of both agents and queues, along with the ability to see availability of co-workers and service demand levels with a single click. Learn More → 

8x8 Contact Center and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - The 8x8 Contact Center integration for MS Dynamics 365 now includes the Customer Service module. This integration enhances agent productivity by embedding communications and contact center functionality into key workflows and allowing agents to personalize every interaction for improved customer engagement and retention. Learn More →

8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce - Sales Engagement 8x8 Contact Center now supports Salesforce Sales Engagement, formerly High Velocity Sales (HVS.) Agents can handle interactions faster while delivering more contextual and consistent experiences across every channel to meet and exceed customer expectations. Learn More →

Unified Communications

Audit History in Admin Console - System administrators can now access historical configuration details for complete audit visibility, including what changes were made, when, and by whom. Learn More →

SMS 10DLC Application-to-Person (A2P) Registration - US and Canadian customers can comply with new SMS requirements and improve message deliverability by utilizing a streamlined admin console process for registration. Learn More About SMS Registration and Why It Is Required →

New Phone and Accessory Certifications - 8x8 certifies a wide selection of new phones, headsets, and accessories compatible with the 8x8 service. Yealink T5 series desk phones, Poly Edge E series desk phones, Poly and EPOS headsets, and SYNC series of USB accessories are now 8x8-certified. See the Complete List of Compatible Phones and Accessories →

Mobile Admin Enhancements - Mobile Admin simplifies access to everyday operational tasks and facilitates immediate visibility into incidents and updates for the 8x8 system administrator on the move, including activity metrics for inbound and outbound call volumes. Learn More →

Modern Theme and Sound Experience for 8x8 Work User Interface - Modern light and dark themes are now available to improve user experience, with dark themes easing stress on the eye and helping to conserve device battery. Users can also set themes based on OS settings, automatically enabling the app to switch between light and dark.

Settings Page for Selecting UI Theme - A new modern sound library has been added for users to select sounds for general notifications and incoming calls. In addition, new earcons have been added to notify users of specific actions such as user logging in, file download, recording start/stop, etc. Learn More →