8x8 Feature Highlights - Summer 2022

Unified Communications

8x8 Meetings and Salesforce integration - Link meetings and centralize recordings, chat, and transcripts to Salesforce objects for easy access and broader visibility. Learn more →

Post-meeting summary enhancements - Meeting summaries now include snapshots of shared content and video snippets of important moments from recorded meetings. Learn more →

Meeting layout - The video layout is dynamically adjusted, and the participant's face is centered for optimal meeting experience, based on screen resolution and size. Participants can also resize the filmstrip based on their preferences.

Driving mode for meetings - Enable driving mode for an enhanced mobile app interface built to ensure a safer meeting experience while on the road.

Block SMS spam - Tackle spam by blocking inbound SMS from any external number not saved as a contact. Learn more →

8x8 Frontdesk enhancements - 8x8 Frontdesk users can park calls for a specific site which receptionists or users from that site can retrieve. Learn more →

Work app usability and interface enhancements - Enhancements include the ability to select a status option from a predefined list, visual banner notifications for parked calls and incoming calls when the call waiting tone is disabled, and five levels of noise suppression for microphone input to help minimize distractions and interruptions.

Learn more (iOS) →

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Contact Center

E-mail processing - With 8x8 Contact Center's advanced e-mail filtering, you can now automatically distribute e-mails to the best-fit queues and agents based on content analysis and keywords.

Webchat attachments - Customers and agents alike will now have the ability to attach the following file formats when communicating via webchat:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents (PDF, etc.)

Merge directory of 8x8 Contact Center (CC) and 8x8 Work users within Agent Workspace - The Contact Directory now combines users with CC and 8x8 Work licenses into a single contact, displays the user’s local time, and filters within the list.

Users are able to apply a persistent filter, excluding non-CC users and filtering by presence and by group. Learn more →

Resize Agent Workspace - The new update for the Agent Workspace makes it possible to resize the Control Panel area. A handle will be available, allowing the user to click and drag to increase or decrease the width.

This update also includes the ability to expand or collapse the sidebar to see who you are speaking with in each interaction. Learn more →

Quality Management/Speech Analytics and Recordings Enhancements - The latest release of QM/SA and Recordings includes new features designed to enhance post call survey analysis, allow for more thorough interaction evaluation and add to your data security. See what's new →


Expanded PSTN replacement services - 8x8’s Global Reach™ now extends to 54 countries, including the latest additions of Israel, Latvia, and Slovakia. We remain committed to expanding our support for multinational organizations looking to extend their investment in the highly-skilled and well-resourced local workforce. Explore 8x8 global coverage and service availability →

Communication APIs

8x8 Connect and 8x8 Converse: Contact unification - There is now a singular user interface to showcase the management of contacts across 8x8 Connect and 8x8 Converse, which enables self-service and requires less technical expertise. Watch the video →

8x8 Connect and 8x8 Converse: Contact group segmentation - Besides automatically syncing contacts across the two portals and any integrated CRMs, users can also group contacts easily into different segments. Watch the video →

8x8 Connect: Chat Apps Enhancements and MS Azure SSO - The Chat Apps dashboard on 8x8 Connect is updated with metrics for WhatsApp business-initiated and customer-initiated messages, giving users more insights into their conversations. Try it now →

Prepaid users can now onboard, integrate, and start using Chat Apps themselves directly through 8x8 Connect, without having to be account-managed. With a live integration process, users will be able to start using the Chat App immediately once user access has been approved by the Chat App partner (eg, Viber, WeChat, Facebook).

MS Azure Active Directory single sign-on is now fully supported on 8x8 Connect, providing a streamlined sign-in experience for users, enhanced security, and efficient identity and access management.