Polycom VVX 150 Phone

The Polycom VVX 150 phone is easy to use. Below are some simple videos on how to use it. Polycom VVX 150 Quick Tips are also available in PDF format.

Before using your phone, you need to activate it

Here's how. Remember, you need to have the phone plugged into a network connection that provides access to the internet and offers Power Over Ethernet (POE). If you don't have POE, then you need to get a power adapter. 

Make and answer calls

Remember, you don't need to dial a "9" or other access code to dial an external number. Just dial the number. Also, while you can use extensions to dial people, using the UC client directory to find the number is much faster.

Put a call on hold and answer another ringing call

Make a blind transfer

Make a warm transfer

Create a conference call on your phone

Remember, ad-hoc conference calls are 3 party. Use Virtual Office Meetings for multi-party conferences. These can be audio only, content sharing, or video. 

Check voicemail

Use the contact directory

The phone also has a built-in company directory of all users. It's usable in the same way as the contact directory.