8x8 Feature Highlights - Summer 2023

Contact Center

8x8 Supervisor Workspace - 8x8 Supervisor Workspace is a purpose-built experience that blends analytics, performance management, and team admin capabilities into a single interface providing increased efficiency and productivity. It provides value to contact center operations and improves customer experiences by offering:

  • Single pane of glass consolidates visibility, insights, and operations from across the 8x8 Contact Center
  • Embedded trend analysis provides supervisors with instant insights to improve speed to correction and drive superior performance in the contact center
  • Personalized environments transform how contact center leaders can customize their workspace to manage teams and make decisions based upon individual needs and priorities—no coding required
  • Accessibility to support hybrid contact centers and the ability for supervisors to work from anywhere, on any device across any web browser

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8x8 Analytics for Contact Center - Empower contact center managers with customizable reports that have been enhanced with the following:

  • Additions to Detailed Report/Interactions: Advancements to reporting include ongoing interactions, new metrics, filters, and search functionality, as well as the ability to download reports giving supervisors more flexibility in what and how they view reports.
  • New agent access to Analytics for Contact Center: Agents can view details of their own interactions and run, download, and schedule reports, as well as create dashboards and wallboards, giving agents more insight into their interactions and activity.
  • New metrics in the Agent Performance real-time widget: Queue name, channel, and direction of agent interactions are now included, providing more insight into agent performance.
  • Customer Experience Analytics enhancements: A filter allows for repeated interactions in the digital channels report and end-to-end visual journey visibility for transferred interactions provides more insights into the customer experience with digital interactions.

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8x8 Contact Center and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Deeper integration with this leading CRM platform now includes:

  • Email for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 8x8 Contact Center: The 8x8 contact center email functionality is now available within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment with screen pop and automatic interaction logs provided to improve agent productivity and meet customer expectations for omnichannel experiences.  Learn More →
  • Queue name in auto call log: Queue name in auto call log is now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for 8x8 Contact Center within the call log data generated after a call for improved agent productivity.
  • Display new contact screen: The ability to display a new contact screen is now available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for 8x8 Contact Center. This allows agents to easily create a new contact for improved agent experience.  Learn More →
  • 8x8 IVR Callback expiration time For customers who prefer not to wait in a call queue for live service, the expiration time for callbacks has increased from six to 72 hours. By extending the expiration time, customers won’t miss out on callbacks because they expired too early.  Learn More →

Unified Communications

8x8 Admin Console updates:

Storage Policy UI - The Storage Policy UI has been updated to simplify the user experience to make it easier to locate, understand, and manage all storage policies, including individual and bulk editing. Learn More →

Admin Console UI Available in French - The 8x8 Admin Console interface is displayed in French when the user’s browser language is set to French. Learn More →

MFA Challenge Frequency - System admins can add an extra layer of security by configuring the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) challenge frequency for all users. Learn More →

8x8 Work Enhancements:

Call Answering and Decline UX Experience - When answering or declining an inbound call, a quick loading icon displays to alert users that the action is taking place. Learn More →

Merge Call Button Status - While a user is on a call, and no other active calls are available or on-hold, the Merge call button now is deactivated. Learn More →

Avatars for Auto Attendants, Ring Groups and Call Queues - Auto Attendants, Ring Groups and Call Queues have now dedicated avatar icons for easy identification. Learn More →

Ring Group Call Logs - Call logs for Ring Groups now display information according to the settings made by the admin in the Ring Group Caller ID section in 8x8 Admin Console. Learn More →

Group Messaging Accessibility Improvements - When creating or editing a room or a group message, users can use the search filter to select a room. Users can search members by name, phone number or email which eliminates the need to scroll through long lists of contacts. Learn More →

Contact Cards - Contact cards for users with 8x8 Work and 8x8 Contact Center licenses display both extensions which eliminates duplication in contact listings. Learn More →

For a better visibility of the job title and address/location on the contact card, the information is now displayed on two rows. Learn More →


8x8 Web Dialer Chrome Extension - Once a user installs the 8x8 Web Dialer Chrome extension, it automatically highlights most phone numbers in a web browser for the user to dial directly from any web page or send SMS. No app switching required. The web dialer can also initiate calls from 8x8 Work for Web when users do not have access to the 8x8 Work desktop application. Learn More →

8x8 Work for Web Click-to-Call - Users can initiate calls through 8x8 Work for Web using click-to-call tel:// link protocol. Click-to-call eliminates the need to manually dial a phone number by clicking any number within a browser to place a call. Learn More →


PSTN Replacement Services in 59 Countries - 8x8 Global Reach™ will be extended to 59 countries, including the latest addition of South Korea. We remain committed to expanding our support for multinational organizations looking to extend their investment in the highly-skilled and well-resourced local workforce. Explore 8x8’s global coverage and service availability →

Communication APIs

8x8 Connect Automated Data Center Region Detection - Upon user account activation, 8x8 Connect automatically determines the best data center location to process and store data with a lower latency. As an alternative to automatic detection, users can manually select the data center region that aligns most effectively with their business needs and eliminates the need for support tickets to switch data center regions. Learn More →

WhatsApp Updated Templates - New use case based pricing for WhatsApp Business API offers businesses better cost control and budgeting predictability. It encourages efficient template use to enhance customer interactions and align costs with the types of conversations initiated. 8x8 Connect has been updated to reflect the changes in Reports and Dashboard. Learn More →