8x8 Feature Highlights - Fall 2022

Unified Communications

8x8 Phone App for Microsoft Teams - The 8x8 Phone App for Microsoft Teams is a new XCaaS integration that provides customers with a new option for enabling cost-effective PSTN calling in Teams. Learn More →

8x8 Work is Chrome Enterprise Recommended - 8x8 Work is Chrome Enterprise Recommended for the Communications solution track, having gone through verification to ensure 8x8 Work is optimized for ChromeOS. 8x8 makes it easy for ChromeOS users to quickly deploy and manage end-to-end communications and collaboration. Learn more →

Call Card Enhancements - During an active call, users can drag and drop the call card to a more convenient location on-screen for optimized multitasking. See it in action →

Tips and Tools for Troubleshooting - Users can easily access troubleshooting tips for common error codes from an in-app banner. For additional troubleshooting, the Network Diagnostic tool is available from the desktop app for testing and generating logs. Learn more →

Private Chat Room Enhancements - Improvements to the private room interface and user experience make it easier to edit settings, manage members, and communicate more effectively. Learn more →

Live translation and Subtitles for Meetings - To enhance global collaboration, meetings now support real-time translation and subtitles. Learn more →

Meeting UI and UX Enhancements - Meeting participants can enjoy an improved pre-join experience along with the option to split camera and screen-sharing streams for a more flexible in-meeting experience. Learn more about 8x8 video meetings →

Share GIF Reactions in Meetings - In addition to using emojis, users can now send animated gif reactions during meetings. Learn more →

Siri Voice Assistant Integration - Users now have the ability to start meetings on 8x8 by using Siri voice commands. 

Sales Workspace (Open Beta) - The latest release of 8x8 Work includes an opt-in preview to a new tailored experience for users in sales and account management roles. It optimizes and synchronizes internal and external communications between the familiar, intuitive collaboration interface of 8x8 Work and the sales opportunity workflows maintained within your chosen CRM, such as Salesforce.com.

Contact Center

Digital-First Customer Experience Analytics - Enhanced reporting into digital interactions handled by agents, such as customer details, media type, and handling information, provides granular insights into customer journeys.

New advanced search and filter capabilities, along with the ability to create and manage customized filters, offer greater levels of control within analytics functions.

Visual Interaction Flow - A new tool provides a visual representation of the end-to-end digital interaction journey.


Expanded PSTN Replacement Services - 8x8’s Global Reach™ now extends to 56 countries, including complete coverage of the Baltic States with the new additions of Estonia and Lithuania. 8x8 remains committed to expanding support for multinational organizations looking to extend their investment in the highly-skilled and well-resourced local workforce. Explore 8x8 global coverage and service availability →

Communication APIs

New Workflow Step in Automation Builder: 8x8 Converse - Users can tap on triggers, conditions, and actions available in Automation Builder to programmatically create conversations within 8x8 Converse. Learn more →

More Automation Builder Workflow Templates - New Automation Builder templates now cover a wider range of use cases, including advanced automation workflows, such as account signup flow and voice messages. Learn more →

Expanding on Contacts Management in 8x8 Connect - Users can manage contacts in 8x8 Connect with greater details, including:

  • A clear breakdown of the channels associated with a contact
  • The ability to add or edit channel information, custom user information, and more
Try it now →

8x8 Connect: Granular Access Within User Management - Non-admin users now have the ability to do more within the user management function of 8x8 Connect, including:

  • Approve campaigns
  • Invite and manage users
  • Manage SSO settings
Try it now →

8x8 Converse: Advanced Queueing - Customer support teams can build custom ticket queues using a series of conditions, such as a customer’s messaging channels, contact groups, and country, and then assign inbound messages to 8x8 Converse agents based on their specifications. Learn more →

Version Control Flexibility in Jitsi as a Service - Customers now have greater control over the release version of Jitsi as a Service by simply pinning a particular version and delaying any updates. This allows customers ample time for internal testing and training before an official deployment. Try it now →

Adding Telephony to Jitsi Meetings - Self-hosted Jitsi customers can now easily add telephony service to their on-premises deployment via Jitsi Meet Components. With telephony service, meeting participants can dial into a meeting via a PSTN call.

Video Experience Improvements to Jitsi as a Service - Improvements to Jitsi as a Service include real-time translation that turns speech into live captions in a participant’s chosen language. Multi-stream support allows shared screens and the presenters’ video to be shown on separate video streams during meetings. Try it now →