Navigating the Vertical Customer Portal

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Navigating the Vertical Customer Portal

Vertical's new customer portal is here! The customer portal was designed with you in mind. From within the customer portal you can:

  • Open support requests.
  • Immediately access service request Service Order Numbers to track your support request.
  • Review your invoices and statements.
  • Pay Vertical bills online.

Accessing the Customer Portal

You can access the customer portal by visiting Log in by entering the username and password that was included in your customer portal confirmation email.

Enter in your username and password and then click “Login”.

Your customer portal dashboard will open.

The Customer Portal Dashboard

When the dashboard opens, you will have the option of navigating between multiple tabs. 

The “Summary” Tab

When you log in, the Summary tab will be open. The Summary tab show a Summary balance, with three “tile” snapshots. The tiles are:  Current Balance, Balance Due Date, and Overdue Balance.

The “View and Pay Bills” Tab

When you click on the “View and Pay Bills” tab, you will see a list of all Vertical invoices that you have received. It will show invoice number, created date, due date, amount to pay, and status. You can also open each invoice and search for specific invoices.

The “Reports” Tab

When you click on the “Reports” tab, you will have access to reports about the service and orders for your communications system. Typical reports include “Sales Order Status”, which allows you to review your equipment orders. You can sort by reports or search for reports.

The “Settings” Tab

There are two sections under Settings tab: General Information and Autopay

General Information, Settings Subsection

Under the General Information subsection, you will can access your User Email, which is used for user account notifications. This can be changed if your point of contact changes. You can also reset your password.

Autopay, Settings Subsection

Under the Autopay subsection, you can manage your enrollment in autopay.  You can change your Autopay settings or cancel Autopay.

The “Help” Tab

Under the Help tab, you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions, including information on who to call if you have a question about billing, how to troubleshoot if you aren’t receiving invoices, and more.

The “Billing Users” Tab

Under the Billing Users tab, you can will be able to manage the users with access to your customer portal account. You can:

  • Search Users
  • Export Users
  • Add Users
  • Edit Users
  • Deactivate Users
  • Reset Passwords

Viewing Service Orders

You can submit and view service orders from within the customer portal. The “View Service Orders” button is in the header of your Customer Portal Account.  To submit or view a service order, click the “View Service Orders” text in the upper-left corner.

When you click the “View Service Orders” link, a new window will open asking if you would like to “Switch to Service Orders”. Click “Yes”.

You will move to the Service Orders screen.

When the Service Orders dashboard opens, you will have the option of navigating between multiple tabs. 

The “Service Orders” Tab

When you click the Service Orders tab, a list of all Service Orders filled for your company will open. You can search by service order and open and view each service order.

The “Create New Order” Tab

When you click the Create New Order tab, the “Service Requester” screen will open. Populate each of the fields to submit a service order, and click “Submit”.


We would love to hear about your experience with the customer portal! Your feedback helps us improve. To provide feedback, click the “Feedback” text on the upper left-hand corner of the header.

A new window will open. Complete the fields in the Feedback form to share your feedback, and the click “Submit”.

Recovering Your Password

If you lost or need help recovering your password, email They will manually reset your password for you. Make certain to include that you need to recover your password for your Customer Portal account. Include your name, email address, and company in your email.